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          Circular Economy Enablers

          Webinar: Discover Europe’s First Circular Economy Enablers Theme

          15 June 2023




          In this webinar, we introduce you to Europe’s first Circular Economy ETF focused on the “Enablers” of a circular economy. Witness the power of the circular economy in action as we explore innovative strategies and business models that are transforming industries and driving sustainability.

          We’re thrilled to have Lenka Martinek, Managing Partner at Sustainable Market Strategies, as our guest speaker. Together, we delve into the 9 “R” strategies and principles hierarchy, showcasing how waste prevention and resource optimisation are at the forefront of circular economy practices.

          Learn how companies are embracing circular business models and adopting cutting-edge technologies to revolutionise their industries. From precision fermentation in the dairy sector to advancements in textile production, discover real-world examples that demonstrate the immense potential of the circular economy.

          We also provide insights into the construction of our index, built in partnership with Sustainable Market Strategies, and which is designed to give investors exposure to forward-thinking companies that are enabling the transition to a circular economy.

          By developing new business models, technologies and systems, these companies are shaping a more sustainable, resource-efficient and regenerative economy.

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